" By wearing jewellery, we reveal a little bit of ourselves, of our creative side.

It is a statement to express who we are.
My goal is to offer unique pieces for unique women."

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Modern Goddess Collection - Brass
Curved Line Collection - Silver Earrings
Bold Brass Bracelet
Bold Collection, Minimalist Collection a
Minimalist Collection - triple circle si
Zigzag Collection - Necklace and Earring
Zigzag Collection - Copper Bracelet
Curved Line Collection - Silver Necklace
Zigzag collection - Brass necklace
Geometry - Triangle Silver Necklace
Half Moon Silver Necklace
Modern Godess Brass Necklace
Curved Line Collection - Silver bracelet
Minimalist Collection - Brass Square Nec
Magia del Fuego Collection - Earrings
Minimalist Collection - Silver Circle Ne
Geometry Ring and Wave Collection Silver
Wave Collection - Silver Earrings and Ne
Bold Silver Necklace and Minimalist Coll
Symbol Brass necklace