WARA DESIGNS is a jewellery line celebrating contemporary design, historic techniques and raw materials.

It is a travel through time and space, picking its inspiration through ancient and modern cultures, expressed in clean geometric lines.

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WARA DESIGNS follows the journey of  French silversmith caroline. Her jewellery reflects, in clean geometric lines, her admiration for the heritage of metal jewellery in ancient civilizations from around the world.


The roots of the contemporary jewellery line are in France where Caroline was born and lived until 2000. Since then, she has been exploring the world while living in the UK, Thailand, Peru, and currently Vietnam; each place leaving an influence on her style.


In Peru, her dream to work silver became a reality when she trained as a silversmith. As a tribute to the place where she learnt the ancient craftsmanship, she chose WARA DESIGNS as her brand name - Wara Wara meaning constellation in Aymara (an ancestral language still spoken in part of The Andes).  


But it’s thanks to Vietnam’s energy that she established herself as a jewellery designer and maker, nourished by the inspiring surrounding culture and energy.


Craftsmanship is the benchmark for quality and unique jewellery. Every piece of WARA DESIGNS is handmade one piece at a time. The metal is shaped, forged, hammered, soldered, polished using specific tools and requiring skilled labour until it is transformed into a work of art.
More information on the metals used: click here to go the the metal tab

ETHICAL VALUES : Uniqueness and Sustainability


Original designs and quality craftsmanship are the essence of the brand. The intention is to create Wearable Art that will come to its final expression by the contact of the body of the wearer and reveal a glimpse of his/her personality.


Creating products that are unique and irreplaceable is the positive answer to a disposable world. It promotes a "slow fashion” culture and encourages a more sustainable model environmentally, economically and socially.  These values help to keep the beautiful art of craftsmanship alive but they have also encouraged some changes in techniques to make the production more environmentally friendly.