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Metal is alive! It changes and reacts to its environment. This is the natural course of the metal life.

Learning how to protect pieces from the elements will help prevent your jewellery to tarnish as well as learn ways to clean your favourite pieces going-forward.

Handmade jewellery by Wara Designs


  • Avoid water: Remove jewellery when showering or bathing. Do not swim in the sea and in chlorinated water.

  • Clean and dry your hands before handling your jewellery to remove oils and humidity.

  • Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products, especially bleach and highly reactive solutions.

  • Try and store your jewellery in a dry place. Do not store your jewellery in a bathroom where it will be exposed to humidity.
  • Keeping jewellery in closed boxes and containers can help to limit the amount of moisture and oxygen that makes contact with it. 
  • Consider storing your jewellery in an air-tight container such as a Ziploc bag when you’re not wearing it (particularly the pieces you very rarely wear).


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